Sales & Growth Consulting


Enabling you and your team to work smartest.


Our passion is for best practice sharing, data-driven growth, technology and success.

With Optimal Expansion, we combine our passions with extensive experience across industries and  the latest developments in sales strategy and tactics globally to offer a bespoke consulting service to ambitious teams and companies. 

We are Europe's only consulting company with experts across every sales channel  and our mission is to support management teams in their quest to deploy capital into the highest ROI channel available at any given time. 

Our process typically incorporates testing between 5-10 channels for each company and comparing the net ROI to determine the highest-value channel(s). 

Projects typically last between 4 and 26 weeks and range from €3,000 to €45,000. 

Why Us?

Principles outlive tactics. That is why we operate our business along the following guiding principles:

  1. Work smartest to achieve asymmetic outcomes.
  2. Eliminate low value work.
  3. Rigorously prioritise.
  4. Track everything we do.
  5. Work from baselines.
  6. Find and fix root causes.
  7. Do first things first.
  8. Start from Best Practice and steal with pride.
  9. Effectiveness > Efficiency. Focus. 
  10. Learn from failure. Learn vicariously.
  11. Continuous improvement is eventually unstoppable.
  12. Direction over speed.